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Are you looking for an assistant for your architecture firm? 

TheAssistant offers you an on-demand online support service available to you and your architectural team. TheAssistant gives you the opportunity to efficiently delegate tasks that you don't have the time to perform. Our architectural assistants will help you reduce your charettes.

What is an Assistant Architect?

Architectural assistants make the day-to-day work of architects easier. We're all familiar with the carts and carriages inherent in this profession, and assistants are there to make them less intense by freeing architects from research and administrative tasks...

Architectural assistants have a BEP, CAP or BTS in the architectural trades.

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Search for materials, objects, suppliers
Document conversion (dwg, dxf..)
Site report formatting
Cadastral map, PLU zoning
Sending a registered letter

But what does an Assistant Architect actually do?

‍The architect's assistant will support all employees of an architectural firm or design office in their day-to-day tasks. He or she will be the little hand who facilitates the project: building up files, documentary research, making preparatory drawings... 

How do you choose your architect's assistant?

Rigorous, versatile and methodical - these are just some of the qualities required of an architect's assistant. Beyond these soft skills, this type of profile must also have certain technical competencies:

  • Reading plans ;
  • Proficiency in CAD and DTP software;
  • Knowledge of French laws and standards.

Why use an assistant for your architectural practice?

Long days, busy periods... it's not every day that an architect has a restful day! The Assistant offers you a solution for all the time-consuming tasks that make up an architect's daily routine, leaving him time to concentrate on his core business. 

Through the platform you can request the tasks you wish to delegate, and our The Assistant experts will take care of everything.

Getting a document signed
Office Management tasks
Search for designer furniture
Personal tasks
Publication of job offers
H.R. tasks
Buy an item online
Secretarial tasks
Formatting a worksheet
Administrative tasks
Administrative procedures
Administrative tasks
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