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Contract creation
Generate an expense report
Invoice creation
Publication of job offers
Influencer search
Responding to customers
Entering data
Cancelling a subscription
Book a flight
Book a hotel
Book an Airbnb
Enhance contact information
Search for candidate information
Search for competitors
Candidate sourcing on Linkedin
Administrative search
Book a medical appointment
Planning a meeting
Buy a product
Send a newsletter
Write a publication
Create a job description
Manage a job offer
Writing Frequently Asked Questions
Generate a list of prospects by name and company
Formatting a worksheet
Examining an application
Sending a reminder
Sending an invoice
Send a contract
Administrative procedures
Convert a document
Add a list of people to LinkedIn
Updating a CRM
Product search
Sorting files
Find an influencer on Instagram
Electronic signature
Search for information on an e-mail
Web search
Search for lead information
E-mail management
Subscription management
Unsubscribe from newsletters
Manage your subscriber lists
Buy an item online
Generate leads
Recurring order
Generate website performance statistics
Send an information email
Social network management
Subscriber list management
Forms management
Lead search
Pay slip management
Entering employee vacations
Drafting employment contracts
Translating a professional document
Specific tasks
Contract review
Specific tasks
Creating an Excel macro
Specific tasks
Create a Zap on Zapier
Specific tasks
Entering data into accounting software
Sending a quotation
Managing an Internet contract
Order supplies
Pay Bills
Create an Excel report
Reserve a meeting room
Getting a document signed
Transcribing an audio file
Proofread and correct a document
Writing an SEO article
Specific tasks
Search for a restaurant
Lead callback
Find a supplier
Schedule an appointment
Search for articles on a subject
Telephone call reception
Pay a bill
Organizing a contact file
Formatting a document
Formatting data
Claiming travel compensation
Send a letter
Send a registered letter
Writing a letter
How to apply for a grant
Buy on Amazon
Buy tickets
Reviewing presentation design
Specific tasks
Search for product or service reviews
Reply to Emails
Modify an appointment
Organization of medical check-ups
Publish an ad online
Drafting a lease
Recruitment assistance
Hotel search
Planning a travel itinerary
Search for designer furniture
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