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Are you self-employed and looking for an assistant?

By becoming self-employed, you've chosen to become your own boss, to make a living from your passion and gain greater freedom. In reality, auto-entrepreneur status comes with its share of administrative and accounting formalities, as well as time-consuming canvassing, information and communication... Time-consuming yet essential tasks.

Are you self-employed, or would like to be, but lack the time and knowledge to manage your business? Our online assistance service TheAssistant lets you delegate your tasks simply and efficiently to an expert: thefreelance assistant.

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Recruitment / Personnel management
Organization, travel
Sales prospecting (Linkedin)
Research (providers, services, products, etc.)
Administrative procedures

Why use a freelance assistant?

As a freelancer, you know how important time is. In fact, the many hours spent on administration, communication, accounting or prospecting are not hours that are actually billed. Although these tasks contribute to the smooth running of your business, they also represent a real mental burden.

To optimize your organization and save time for your core business, delegate the tasks involved in running your business to a dedicated freelance assistant

Are you a company manager who wants to delegate certain tasks? Discover theCEO assistant offered by TheAssistant, not forgetting thepersonal assistant to pamper your staff.

What is a dedicated freelance assistant?

As the name suggests, theself-employed assistant supports self-employed entrepreneurs, helping them to manage and organize their business.

The breadth of his skills enables him to offer you a wide range of day-to-day services. He can handle all the time-consuming or technical tasks involved in running your business.

In concrete terms, what is its role?

First of all, it's important to know that the functions of thefreelance wizard differ according to your needs. 

You can entrust them with your communication, prospecting, accounting or administrative tasks, and let them become your right-hand man. At TheAssistant, our assistants adapt to every profile, so you can be relieved of your tasks simply and efficiently.

The assistant supports you in your day-to-day work as a freelancer with a wide range of tasks:

  • Diary and appointment management,
  • Travel organization,
  • Search for partners, service providers or specific products and services, 
  • Sales prospecting on LinkedIn, 
  • Creation of a file of potential prospects,
  • Management of declarations to organizations: URSSAF, taxes, etc.
  • Contract creation,
  • Download certificates,
  • Send quotations, invoices and follow-up on unpaid bills,
  • Reminder to pay dues, 
  • Recipe book management,
  • Publication on social networks,
  • Newsletter creation, etc.

Find your ideal freelance assistant: profile and qualities

Would you like to take advantage of all these services? Our online helpdesk TheAssistant will help you find the idealfreelance assistant

At TheAssistant, we are committed to providing you withefficient, appropriate and relevant support services. To achieve this, we recruit only competent, available and responsive candidates. Although their profiles are varied, they have the qualifications and training needed to meet all your requirements. So you can be sure of receiving assistance that meets your expectations.

Because the skills of a freelance assistant are based on more than just his or her qualifications, we also pay close attention to the quality of their abilities, so that we can offer you optimum support.

The freelance assistants who work with our TheAssistant team possess a number of essential qualities:

  • Just listen,
  • Organization,
  • Rigor, 
  • Versatility,
  • Reactivity,
  • Knowledge of office automation tools, software and tools dedicated to the self-employed,
  • Mastery of the administrative and accounting aspects of auto-entrepreneur status,
  • Communication and sales prospecting skills,
  • Mastery of legislation and the rights and obligations of the self-employed.

Invoice creation
Administrative tasks
Getting a document signed
Office Management tasks
Pay a bill
Office Management tasks
Web search
Secretarial tasks
Proofread and correct a document
Secretarial tasks
Responding to customers
Sales tasks
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