The Assistant Block

Automate your operational processes

TheAssistant Block extends the TheAssistant offering and can now fully automate your procedures and processes.

Data entry, automatic software management, file updates... TheAssistant Block automates your processes to free you from time-consuming, repetitive tasks!

💳 Economical:
Significantly lower your operational costs

Accelerate task processing and limit the risk of error

🌱 Job satisfaction:
Motivate your employees by entrusting them with more rewarding tasks

🔑 Turnkey:
Requires no additional internal resources

Defining your needs

Our teams discuss your processes and requirements with you to identify together the tasks that can be automated. The automation process is entirely customized.

Examples: issuing an invoice, editing in Photoshop, data entry in software, updating a website, exporting files from in-house software...

Implementation and testing

During implementation, each process is segmented into several actions (or blocks), and then each action is automated.

The range of means employed enables us to automate any type of task efficiently:

RPA (robotic process automation):
Process documents on desktop software, extract data from a site...

APIs (application programming interface):
Send an SMS, extract market data ...

AI (artificial intelligence):
Extract data from an invoice, sentiment analysis...

Call in an expert, check the quality of a rendering

We reuse blocks already developed during our previous interventions in order to mutualize development costs and offer more advantageous rates for SMEs and VSEs.

Automated execution

Once automated, the task can be launched at any time automatically or by the action of your choice.

The triggering event can be, for example, sending an SMS, a webhook, adding a file to google drive, receiving a phone call, receiving an e-mail, etc.


TheAssistant helps you automate some of your customized procedures with TheAssistant Block.

From €25/month per block.

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Our team can help you identify the tasks you can effectively delegate to TheAssistant.

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