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If you take even a second to think about the title of a "human resources" job, you'll realize how beautiful it is, but also how much responsibility it entails. But if you've chosen your profession primarily for the richness of human relations, chances are you don't want to spend your time in front of an Excel file or pension fund websites... And that's understandable. Organized, versatile, methodical and autonomous, a human resources assistant will be happy to carry out these tasks for you on a one-off or more recurring basis. The choice is yours! 

What is an HR Assistant?

The human resources assistant works alongside the human resources manager or executive. They are responsible for assisting with the company's HR functions and ensuring compliance with human resources policy. From management to talent development, the HR function is essential to any company, whatever its size. If the supervisor so wishes, the Human Resources Assistant may be called upon to carry out tasks related to well-being in the workplace, for example, by handling part of the internal communications.

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Candidate sourcing
Reference socket
Writing job offers
Sales recruitment
Editing pay slips

But what does a Human Resources Assistant actually do?

‍The Human Resources Assistant supports the company in all administrative aspects relating to the daily life of the employee. This includes recruiting, managing pay slips, employee vacations and departures, publishing job offers and then processing applications, drafting employment contracts and organizing medical check-ups.

And what's its role?

The role of a human resources assistant is to take charge of personnel management within a company. From the search for candidates to the departure of an employee, the assistant's objective is to facilitate the entire employee life cycle, at both administrative and operational levels:

  • recruitment management,
  • edition of employment contracts,
  • preparation of pay slips,
  • medical check-ups,
  • managing an employee's departure,
  • ...

What makes a good HR assistant?

Human resources assistants play a key role in the smooth running of a company. After all, people are at the heart of the system, and human resources keep it running smoothly. 

HR assistants generally have a 2-year higher education qualification, such as a BTS (2-year technical college diploma), to enable them to carry out their duties successfully. These studies will enable them to acquire basic skills such as managing tools (HRIS, payroll, office automation), legal knowledge, recruitment techniques...

In addition to technical skills, human resources requires certain "soft skills":

  • Listen
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability
  • Versatility
  • Organization

At TheAssistant we don't compromise on these skills, and we guarantee the high quality of our HR assistants.

‍Tasks of the human resources assistant

Here are just a few examples of the types of assignments TheAssistant can handle for HR Assistants:

Recruitment assistance
Office Management tasks
Manage a job offer
H.R. tasks
Publication of job offers
H.R. tasks
Examining an application
H.R. tasks
Candidate sourcing on Linkedin
H.R. tasks
Search for candidate information
H.R. tasks
Pay slip management
H.R. tasks
Create a job description
H.R. tasks
Drafting employment contracts
H.R. tasks
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